It is is a field of dentist and prosthodontics using CAD/CAM to create dental restorations. CAD/CAM also known as Cerec, is most commonly used to manufacture crowns. The process of fabricating a crown, with this technology has become more predictable over the years and more convenient for patients. Depending on the tooth involved, you can now have your crown prepped, designed, and finished in one appointment.  At your crown appointment we will prep the tooth for a crown, then take a digital scan. The assistant will start to design your new crown chairside and once completed, we will send it to our milling unit (Prime mill) and the machine will cut a crown out of a block of Zirconia. Once the crown has been milled, it will than go into an oven (speed fire) where the temperature will rise upwards of 1600 degrees. When completed the crown will then cool. Once cooled, the crown is polished. Finally, we try the crown in and once cemented the patient is on their way!