Canadian Dental Care Plan

March 27, 2024|News|

The Canadian Government recently announced the Canadian Dental Care Plan with the goal to help ease financial barriers to accessing oral health care for eligible Canadian residents.  Information regarding the plan is currently limited however we have done our best to answer some of the common questions we have been receiving from our patients and will continue to update you as we receive additional information.

For more information on the program, the application process and more, please visit the Government of Canada website.

Am I eligible for the CDCP if I already receive coverage from provincial government programs?2024-03-28T15:21:21+00:00

If you’re eligible for existing provincial government programs, you’ll still be able to apply for the CDCP. Provincial dental programs aren’t included in the insurance category that Heath Canada has listed as a qualifying factor.

Should I cancel my private insurance?2024-03-28T15:20:54+00:00

Dentists believe that the CDCP should improve access to care for people who don’t have benefits. The CDCP should not take away or replace the benefits that people already have. If you have an existing one, you shouldn’t cancel. You’re still considered to have access to dental insurance, and therefore be considered ineligible for CDCP, if you choose to opt out of available benefits like these.

Should I cancel my appointment and wait for CDCP?2024-03-28T15:19:44+00:00

No, we strongly recommend that you continue with your regular scheduled appointments. If you cancel, you will deal with wait times, we don’t know what will be covered, and your current condition could worsen. You and your dentist can determine the best plan for your oral health.

Why are you charging an additional fee (balance billing)?2024-03-28T15:18:05+00:00

There’s no additional fee. This is the usual fee we charge that is set yearly by the Newfoundland Dental Association (NLDA) for all patients, regardless of their specific dental benefits coverage. The federal government decided not to fully fund the CDCP. Unfortunately, this lack of funding puts the responsibility on the patients and their dentist.

Dental offices are like mini-hospitals and there’s a lot that goes into the cost of dental care – expensive equipment, infection control, rent, utilities, staffing cost, and high levels of training and so much more. We believe dentists should be fairly compensated by the government to offset this cost.

How much is covered?2024-03-28T15:17:15+00:00

You’ll have some out-of-pocket costs because the CDCP doesn’t cover 100% of the normal fees. Every group has a different level of coverage, so that will impact your level of co-payment and the remaining balance billed by your dental clinic.

When can I get my benefits?2024-03-28T15:16:37+00:00

Once you apply through Health Canada and they confirm that you qualify, your information will be shared with Sun Life, who’ll enroll you in the CDCP. Sun Life will then provide your coverage start date and member card.

The start date to access oral health care will vary based on when each group can apply, when the application is received, and when enrollment is completed. Please contact the government with any specific questions.

Is Avalon Dental enrolling in the CDCP (Canadian Dental Care Plan) as a provider?2024-03-28T15:12:50+00:00

Our dental clinic hasn’t made that decision yet, as we haven’t received all the information. We support increasing access to care for the people in our province.

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