Dr. Stuart MacDonald

Dr. Stuart MacDonald graduated from Glasgow University Dental School, in 1974. He spent two years in post graduate studies at Glasgow University with the faculty of dentistry.

In the fall of 1975, Dr. MacDonald emigrated to Canada after he accepted a position with the Grenfell Association in St. Anthony as a resident dentist; followed by a move to St. John’s as an associate dentist. He then became a founding partner of Avalon Dental Centre in 1984. He regularly attends post graduate education programmes and enjoys General Dentistry including Crown and Bridge, Implants and Aesthetic Dentistry.

Dr. MacDonald’s second passion is music. He has played double bass with the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra since 1976. He also enjoys boating, hiking, skiing and assisting with youth groups. Dr. MacDonald is married and has three sons and a daughter.