Who We Are

Our Hygiene Team (from left to right): From left to right: Leanne Butt, Ron Sansome, Angela Hynes, Cheryl Oake, Richard Chisholm and Cindy Warren.

Our Mission

The mission of Avalon Dental Centre is to ensure our patients receive the care and education they need to maintain good oral health, to provide them with an environment that promotes ease and comfort, whilst continuing our commitment to the dentistry profession.

Our Team

Our success as a dental office has allowed us to provide ongoing optimal care for our clients. Our interest lies in the good dental and overall health of our patients. We are quick to respond to useful technologies and make wise choices to ensure that we meet the demands and opportunities before us.

Please take a moment to meet our friendly team of highly trained and experienced dental professionals.

Giving Back

At Avalon Dental we are passionate about dentistry, educating others and giving back to the community. Each year we have a kid’s day at the office - a special day set aside for fun and learning. The day is planned around a theme. Staff dress in costume and the children are visited by themed characters. There’s face painting and loot bags for every child, and plenty of smiling faces leaving the office. The proceeds of the days work, minus our overhead, are donated to charity.

Other donations from staff and management are made every year. 9/11 was an opportunity for Avalon Dental to provide hundreds of tooth brushes to the displaced passengers during a time of international crisis. Our office also supports a foster child and donations are made to many other charitable causes throughout the year.

Haiti has also become a special charity for us after their tragic earthquake in 2010. The staff at our office has supported the Canadian International Dental Foundation in their efforts to help with dental care in Haiti.

Infection Control

Our state-of-the-art steri-centre is supervised by a dedicated staff member. We exceed the standards established in accordance with Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) and the Centre for Disease Control (CDC). Our sterilizers are checked routinely every week by an independent government laboratory.

Privacy Statement

At Avalon Dental Centre we respect your confidence, trust and right to Privacy, and abide by government regulations and law. Our computer network is firewalled and protected from unwarranted entry.